I want to get into the fertility industry so i can reproduce

I have come to realize I am very unappealing to women and may never have children. That is my greatest desire, to pass on my genes. I don't need to know the kids. I thought if I make my career working in a fertility clinic, at least at some point over the many years I have access to sperm banks I should be able to slip in my own. I feel like this is my only option. I am a first year college student and haven't decided on a career yet.

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  • Why don't you just go to the sperm bank and donate? Seems a lot easier than dedicating your life to this plan.

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  • Sperm banks have tough standards, you need to be within the breeding perimeters such as having the correct features that the mother wants. (Sorry red heads you are at the bottom of the list). Supply and demand at work.

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  • You know you could get in trouble for that bud.

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