I want to but i don't feel like it

Have you ever wanted to take a shower but don't feel like taking a shower because:
1. You don't feel like doing all the work you gotta do ( shower is a process for me including my hair)
2. Just feel too tired but want to be clean before getting into bed
3. Don't wanna half ass shower cuz it would be a waste of time and I still won't feel clean.

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  • There are other ways to clean ur self I recommend the cat Method

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  • Yes i have this issue at times

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  • I'd use car wash machine

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  • If you just want to enjoy the warm water massaging your skin, and then maybe lather up; why don't you buy a shower cap? Then you don't have to worry about your hair.

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  • Reminds me of depression

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  • I. Fucking. HATE. Showering. Most likely cuz my hair is long, past my butt. And dealing with it is a fucking nightmare. But I just don’t have it in me to cut it.
    There was once a time I didn’t wash it for 6 weeks. I was in a really bad place. I would just clip my hair up and avoid getting it wet when I showered. I also didn’t brush it that whole time. I begged my mom to help me. So I sat in the tub and had her wash it for me. God bless her. Even though she hated doing it.
    Brushing and detangling after was a nightmare. I vowed never to let that happen again. So now the most I’ll go is like 12 days. And that’s when I’m really really low.


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  • A hot shower is like a massage. I love it.

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  • Yeah but I usually do anyways because i've made it part of my routine, I gotta be pretty depressed to skip it but sometimes it happens that I do anyway if I am only gonna be at home that day.

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