I want to be a monk but i’m a kpop loving satanist?

I’ve always wanted to be a monk, I don’t know why! Something about it really intrigues me.
The only thing is that I worship Satan and G Dragon so I’m not sure how it’ll play out?
I feel kind of weird switching religions but in the end I really want do it.
I was also wondering if monks were allowed to bring in music?
(Also I’m speaking of Thai monks)

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  • I worship inflatables and fuck the hell out of them regularly, could I start my own cult?

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  • How about being yourself.
    instead of joining any religious cult?
    It serves no purpose, unless you have no brain, no self will , no confidence, and need someone to run your life for you.
    in that case its great.

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  • i forgot buddhist monks , they won't live with women either. so in sure they found enlightenment via anal sex as well. im not against gay sex, it was fun when i was 12. i just think they should be outed for what they really are all about.

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  • Monks are catholics so yea a but fucking satanist would fit right in

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  • Start your own cult- I mean religion instead.

    Worked for Scientology.

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