I want my parents to die

There’s a lot of reasons I say this. But all they do is treat me horribly and yell at me for everything I do. They’re never home, they spend all their money on drugs and bitch at me for nothing. They even sold my stuff for money for drugs. I just feel so unloved and uncared about. And when they are home, they’re like zombies and half asleep. I could leave the house and they wouldn’t even care. I bet they wouldn’t even notice.

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  • If you're a minor, you have every right to get child protective services involved. Advocate for yourself, or get a trusted adult (like a teacher or friend's parent) involved if that's difficult.
    I'm very sorry. This isn't forever.

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  • So move out.

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  • Don't worry OP. My parents are the same, and whenever something goes horribly wrong for them, I just laugh my ass off bc I think of it as punishment for treating me poorly for more than 20 years.
    You're not alone, one day they'll die and you'll be free from this burden

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  • You don't deserve this OP. Depending how old you are you should tell someone.

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  • How old are you? I was out by 17 during the economic crash. You can do it but you'll be poor af for awhile. It will teach you lessons being poor that you'll never forget and it changes you for the better. Once you find your way out of it and succeed you'll realize being poor is a mindset and a choice. If you ever find yourself poor again you'll always know how to climb out.

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  • How old are you? Can you tell a teacher?

    You owe your parents nothing. They love drugs and themselves more than they love you. That isn't your fault at all, it's all them. You don't deserve this.

    Wishing they were dead isn't exactly healthy but... I don't really blame you. Fuck them.

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  • I'm so sorry that this is the reality of your life, dear heart! If you are a minor I think you ought to tell a teacher, or your guidance counselor at school. You can also most definitely call the police, or child protective services.

    If you are legally an adult then you owe it to yourself to do everything in your power to get out of that awful environment! It certainly won't be easy, but if you can find a decent job, and a roommate you can probably get out of the awful situation in which you seem to be trapped.

    Here are some links for you to check out:





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