I wanna be a teacher so i can yell assignments as students leave class

I want to be a teacher solely so that I can yell "don't forget to read blah blah blah by Tuesday and turn in your some bullshit assignment on Friday" at the back of students heads after the bell rings and they crowd at the door to exit. But I don't actually want to teach anything during class. I would just sit there and use my phone.

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  • Sorry to crush your dreams buddy but I don’t think you’d even pass to become a teacher if those are your plans.

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  • You wouldn't be a great teacher. But I feel you.

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  • What I’m hearing that you would love being a PE teacher.

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  • Not bad but i think a better career choice would be to become a trial attorney so you could yell "Objection!" in court when someone said something you do not agree with.

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  • You will be kicked out from school . No job will be offered to you . SOB

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