I walk the apartment halls at night.

I live in an appartment building. There are 24 apartments in my building. Sometimes in the middle of the night, I like to silently wander the corridors. I'm not drunk or disturbing anyone. I guess I think it's peaceful. Am I normal??

Here's what the building looks like, if it matters...

9,10 hallway 11,12
5,6 hallway 7,8
1,2 hallway 3,4 hallway & repeats

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  • Next time, try dragging chains and moan.

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  • Thank god you're not my neighbor. That's creepy.

    Do you wear a white nightgown when you do that?

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  • I, and I'm guessing, others, did that when I lived in a large dorm in college. Early morning hours, bored or can't sleep, so, take a walk around the floors. Never lived in an apartment building, only a single apartment, townhouse, then my own house, so, can't speak to doing that in an apartment building.

    Do agree with the be careful doing that, though. People can be nuts, and you don't know what they'll do, or, what any new tenants are like. Maybe you're the only sane one in a building of nutcases. Maybe take your walking activities outside in better weather.

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  • Its normal.

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  • Can’t do that in my town, otherwise

    1. You’ll get shot
    2. you’ll run into a methhead
    3. you’ll get shot by a methhead
    4. you’ll shoot a methhead
    5. you’ll see a shootout
    6. you’ll see a hooker

    and I could go on

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  • Well I like to walk the beach late at night. Its quiet, no one around.

    as a mid teen I used to walk down the beach about 1 in the morning

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