I've had paranormal experiences but it doesn't bother me.

Two years ago, my family and I moved into a 4 bdrm home, didn't really find anything unusual about it until later on. We've had so many strange occurances like how my sister once said she saw one of her books fly off the shelf even though she wasn't near it.

I've seen things move on their own, one of the lights in the bedrooms turned a purple colour, then red and then blacked out completely. I've even seen a demon-like creature in the dining area while it was night time.

And after all that we've seen and been through, we always act like nothing happens. For example: if I saw a piece of furniture move on its own, I will just be like: "oh well" and continue my day like nothing happened. Same with my sister. She saw a shadow in her room at night when she woke up, turned around and went back to sleep as if nothing happened.

Yet other people would be screaming in terror.

Is it normal to not be bothered by ghosts/apparations?

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  • That's normal. Most people don't scream in terror. I've been around that stuff and it's actually quite subtle in real life and not like what happens in horror movies.

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  • Yeah i'm the same. I've had many paranormal experiences and I find it interesting but not scary. Most of the time spirits are not dangerous, it's people who are... They can't gather enough power to hurt us, they'd have to reach extremely hard from their dimension to ours sort of like if we would attempt telepathy. Maybe it would work, who knows, but it would be really hard and take lots of practice. I also firmly believe that everyone has spirit guides and guardian angels who keeps negative forces at bay. It's nothing like in horror movies or fake ghost hunting videos so there's not really any reason to be screaming in terror.

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  • I think it probably depends on the ghosts, and it depends on the people.

    I want to say that I saw the water faucet in the master bathroom turn itself off while I was washing my face once, but it happened so slowly, and wasn't scary.

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  • Something similar has been happening for years at the resturaunt I work at and it used to freak everyone out but now has essentially become an ongoing joke between all of us.

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