I've been smelling things from my childhood

It's weird, I'll suddenly have a really strong scent memory of some random smell from childhood. Some of these smells include:

• A mix of dried poopy underwear and eucalyptus

• Sweet funky vomit smell in the school cafeteria that they never cleaned properly

• Old dried cat turds in the cubby hole under the stairs where we played as kids

• Bacteria on plastic juice pitchers that were never cleaned

I'm just wondering why my brain is randomly doing this. Am I having a stroke?

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  • You had quite a stinky childhood it smells like. I've recently smelled a few thing i havent smelled in decades, and they were great to me. One was one of those old wall unit air conditioners that had the fake wood grain on them. Reminded me of preschool and Sunday school. It could have been mold they pump out but I enjoyed it then and now.

    Another one was from an 80's Cadillac. It was in beautiful condition and the interior smelled just like the one my grandparents drove. I dont know if it was the piles of leather, the tons of blue dye, or some other material. A very unique smell I haven't smelled in 30 years and was fantastic.

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    • I love old car smells... so many exotic chemicals breaking down and leaking into the air.

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  • Is this the same person who posted a bunch of threads about smelling a woman's backside hole?

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  • The smell of my young adulthood is White Linen by Estee Lauder, light cigarette smoke, and the taste of rum and Coke.

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  • When I first saw this, I thought it would say crayon smell or something. These are all gross smells!

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  • This situation smells..

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  • I was going to say stroke but you nailed it already.

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