I understand german, but i don't speak it very well

I have been learning German for 5 years and I understand quite a bit. I understand most of what people say and I can read things. But when I talk to someone, while I am able to get my point across, I have been told that my sentences sound really strange and clunky. Strangely enough, I have also been told that my pronunciation is really good. People can understand me, but I feel kind of self-conscious.

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  • Learning a language has multiple points of mastery; reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

    I speak and listen to Mongolian well, and I read and write English well, but I can’t read and write Mongolian, or speak or listen to English.

    It’s very normal for your verbal and written skills to be off.

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  • Mastery of speaking languages can be difficult. It sounds to me like you're doing quite well.

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  • Ok. Cool.

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