I think that i have started to smell, my nose?

Hey, so this might sound strange, but I think I may have begun to start smelling and I'm not sure why. But what I am smelling is not like BO or the nasty I am, I have started to smell I think my nose?? Like, I have become aware of a smell that I have always been smelling and I think it is just the flesh within my nose. Ever since I got hit in the nose when playing Spongebob Larping (I was Spongebob with his big nose and my friend who was playing Patrick joked but accidentally smash my snogger) I have started to recognize it. And it smells good, like CRAZy good. Like, I know that it is hard to describe smells (and smell is like the best sense for connecting to memory) but it makes me think of how a trumpet tastes (and I know how they taste because I am a longtime trumpet player). I know that taste is part olfactory, but could it be true? That I have begun to smell my nose? (I feel like when you realize that you are always seeing your nose in your vision but that you r brain blurs it out for you) Thank you for your input

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