I think of someone else

Sometimes when I’m fucking my girlfriend I imagine she’s someone else like one of her friends or something. Sometimes I imagine my girlfriend watching as I fuck her friend. Is this normal?

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  • I might catch shit for this but I absolutely don't do this and I personally think it's kind of fucked up. Besides, I don't sleep with a woman if there's someone else I would rather be sleeping with at the time anyway so it's not a matter of restraint.

    Looks like what you're doing must be the norm though so there's your answer.

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  • It's completey normal and, trust me, we do this just as much as men.

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  • I’d say it was abnormal if you didn’t fantasize during sex. It’s part of the turn on. Btw, if you ever share your fantasies with her, omit the part about her friends.

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  • iv been with loads of women but only loved 2 . and at times iv fantasy of been with both at same time . and us all living together as a family . dream on .

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  • I expect my husbands mind Not to wander to fantasize to other women ever haha jk

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  • Yep we all fantasize when we fucking ,who what and when and while.its all normal and natural

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