I think of candance owens dancing to “everybody dance now”

I believe it’s because she comes off overly serious…like her personality is an act.

I just picture her on Tucker Carlson being asked about something and the first thing to come out of her mouth is “EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!” And her screen zooms out and she’s dancing like it’s 1991.

I like her so this isn’t meant to be offensive.

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  • Fucking Tucker Carlson. We see so much of him on Russian state television these days, I would say behind Joe Biden and Donald Trump he is the most broadcasted-in-Russia American political figure.

    I’m entirely lost on what the hell is going on in the US right now, my buddy just called me to tell me Carlson just had a pro-Russia Communist speak on his show, Trump just quoted Lenin and said “I’m with Xi” at a rally this week

    What are y’all doing over there ??

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    • Trump was Shitposter-in-Chief when he was in office and I honestly believe he did things for no other reason than to cause a stir or rile people up, so I wouldn't put too much stock into him quoting Lenin

      But to answer your question--America and Americans are kind of retarded. Trump quoting Lenin is seen by liberal retards as some kind of pro-communism stance, but those same retards actively go out and "rally" (i.e. riot and attack people) in favor of communism. Conservative retards are too busy shitting themselves in outrage that Cracker Barrel is now serving "woke" (vegetarian) burgers to even give a shit that support for communism grows every day in the country

      People here have no idea what the fuck they're doing, all they see is "group X likes this, so I automatically oppose it even though I don't understand it" and vice versa

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  • Shes a black woman. Shes gonna be a little aggressive. I was hoping Trump would have picked her to be white house press secretary. But Kaleigh was a beast too.

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