I think my friend jerks off in public

He's twenty and a cool guy, sleeps around a lot, but a good guy. We share an apartment and I always do laundry so I pick up on this stuff and his habits.

Anyway, all of his sweatshirts have a hole behind the big front pocket. And his sweat pants or pajama pants (that he wears everywhere) have a big hole in the right pocket.

He jerks off a lot, and I sorta have a crush on him so maybe I'm just thinking with my mind in the gutter, but why else would he have clean scissor-cut holes in his pockets?

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  • Masterbating is normal I bet u do it also stop be littering him

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  • Everyone jerks off in public i pull it out all the time driving public restroom i had a crush on a hottie at a store and when i bought a porn mag she gave me a look and just seeing her hold the mag i got hard it was super noticeable so i kinda ran into the bathroom got on the counter pants down spit on my dick and jerked it fast hard and loud right before i came i even started moaning i blew a huge thick load on the mirror when i got back to pay for the msg she was looking at the cum i got on my shirt i could tell she was horny i got her number and told her something is wrong with the mirror dsys later she told me thst she masterbated right after i left the thought of her playing turned mee on so i pulled my car up to the store window dropped thr pants spit on it and stsrted jerking ehile she wa. Watched me suddenly i wanted to be more naughty so i pulled down pushed hips and aimed for my open mouth ..i glanced at het and her look made me explode all over i mean everywhere she ran a pile of mapkins out to me and thought it wss hot so everytime i would do something to surprise her i had shorts on and when i walked in i was trying to pee. I felt i was about to and said i gotta use the bathroom as i was squeezing my dick ahe looked at it and i had been pushing little bits were comeing threw the outside and ahe was just ahocked laughing but stunned there were other people in the store and i know thwy must have noticed.

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  • He loves himself!

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  • He is a habitual masturbator, he cannot help it!

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  • I reckon you're right and he's not hiding it, is he, or he'd do his own laundry.

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