I think most people are narcissists

People never do nice things because they feel it's the right thing to do, they do it to prove to the world what great people they are and make themselves feel better so they can pat themselves on the ass.

They always find a way to make everything about them. They're always huge on celebrating birthdays and holidays and insist on making a huge deal out of them, but always have to find a way to make it about them.

They're always bragging about how great they are and comparing themselves to others, talking about how much better they are in every way.

Everything is style over substance. The default philosophy of human beings is "We want to look like we care even though we really don't". They want the ass kissing and worship the fake caring personality brings.

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  • We're all self-interested to some degree. If virtually everyone was selfless in everything they did, the asshats would get away with even more than they already do.

    I can't remember who said it, but I really like this:

    "If you wake up in the morning and meet a dickhead, you've met a dickhead. If you wake up in the morning and everyone you meet is a dickhead, you're the dickhead."

    If it seems to you that everyone you know is interested only in themselves, then you either need to get into a completely different social circle, or you're so self-interested yourself that all you're able to see is people thwarting you from doing what you want and behaving as you believe they should.

    Confirmation bias is a failing we're all prone to, and it appears you are suffering from a particularly bad case of it.

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  • Disagree. Having met 2 obvious actual narcissists they can't be compared to regular selfish people though I think its possible todays society creates more narcissists or people who act in narcissist-like ways. Social media creates insecurity especially among women who tend to be more for uploading selfies and acting like models to gain followers and compete with other women. In turn they get bitter and insecure from comparing themselves to other overly edited womens pictures and comparing their edited photos with how they really look. Bitterness can make someone rude and condescending, insecurity can make someone act selfish in their hunt for approval wether if be from followers or the opposite gender. That can make them seem narcissistic. I know people who do things for others all the time and never ever brag about or feel any need to tell anyone on social media or elsewhere. I also don't go to social media to brag if I do something nice for someone.

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  • Some of us really do care.

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  • It's called self preservation. Human society is complex thus self preservation is more complex. There are various levels of social, economic and physical preservation that people wanna keep. How they go about it is up to them.

    It's only narcissism if they think they are genuinely the best at everything.

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  • Half the world population has an IQ below 100

    Deviation is natural in development

    Defense mechanisms exist because it's less mental energy (traumatic or whatever) for the person, it's easier to excuse behavior than admit there's a problem and work on improving it

    So yes, a lot of people you meet will have some mental thing going on, some are oblivious to it and some acknowledge it and while there are still signs that doesn't mean they're full on narcissist or whatever

    Sometimes it's also socially better to take turns with attention or whatever, sometimes you meet people who developed for a long time with narcissism for example and they think it's normal (which perpetuates the problem)

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  • oh no theyre no good on weekends
    when they come out to play
    and they're no good for bookends
    cause you cant make em stay

    hey people aint no good
    oh people aint no good
    oh they never do what I think they should
    so people aint no good

    yeah people are just a waste
    oh theyre all over the place
    yeah you see em everywhere you go
    and I dont like their face

    and people dont like me neither
    and why i just dont know
    but even a jerk like you could see
    its obviously so

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    • That sounded a bit like Randy Newman, and I imagined it being sung to one of his jaunty tunes.

      But, yeah, it works with one of Nick Cave's dirges as well.

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  • It’s normal, almost everyone is just out for themselves

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