I think ive met my soulmate.

So I have this guy we had a fling where we just dated and kissed but that's all and we loved each other, but stuff happened and he left and moved and had a kid with some girl, and now he is a deadbeat, but weirdly we kinda lowkey looked a bit alike (WE ARE NOT RELATED AT ALL I PROMISE) like same colored hair and same body shape a bit ya know. And I swear he was my soulmate or a past lover in a different life. I don't know but he was something to me, I'm completely over him but sometimes my heart aches for him. But I just felt like we were connected in a certain weird way.

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  • Sometimes if you investigate your family tree you may be related generations past and the likeness pops out later in the tree.

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  • People used to think my ex and I were related, obviously we weren't but we did have similar hair/face/laugh. Apparently it's normal to be more attracted to people who look like you. I couldn't explain why xD

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    • oh wow, i actually never thought about it that way, thanks

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