I think i'm straight bit this special friendship..

There's this coworker at new job. When I first met her I thought she was quite geekish, but later I started seeing innocence and goodness un her, appreciating her girlnextdoorness (if that even exists). Now I got to know her a little bit more I'm overwhelmed by her sweetness. She comes to my mind during the day and I long to know everything about her. Sharing time with her makes me happy and gives me a warm feeling because of her cuteness, I want her to think I'm a good person who is worth being considered a friend. I could talk about this one girl for hours.
But I don't actually want to date her, less even make out with her. I'm not interested in her feeling sexually attracted to me (in fact I think it would freak me out a bit. I like to imagine her with guys and how sweet she looks as their partner, not mine) Yet maybe I wouldn't mind a little bit of touch without it getting too awkward (maybe patting her back or a sisterly hug, not holding hands or very long cuddling)
There are plenty if guys I feel hotter about and I would definitely date if I was single (I don't think she's hot. I don't even think she is a particularly beautiful girl), but I don't obsess with them. Why do I keep thinking about her? When I hang out with her I feel like meeting her again, but it's not like wishing we were more than friends.
I've never felt this for a friend: with the rest of girls it is like: hey, you're fun to be with, let's get along. With her it's: You're so adorable it hurts...

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  • Simple, you're obviously in love with her. What you do about that is another matter.

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  • The get that. It's not normal. It needs to be kept under control but it's manageable.

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    • I don't understand. What do you mean?

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      • Yo who cares, you have a soft spot for her and it doenst always have to be sexual. Hell there are friends of mine I'd love to kiss and cuddle but I dont want to fuck them or have to be in a relationship. I'm into women but sometimes it ain't always sexual. People are people and some people are adorable:3

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