I think i'm going insane

Hi all.

For a long time, I have been seeing and hearing some pretty terrifying stuff. For example: seeing demon's in the night, or random ghosts. Last week while spending time at my mother's house, I heard screaming in the middle of the night when I was listening to my music with headphones on. I took one ear bud out and noticed that the screaming stopped.

I know for sure it wasn't the music because I was busy listening to "K-pop." I have previously talked to my mother about my paranormal experiences and she's told me that I might have a spiritual "gift" just like My aunt supposedly has. I actually believed it for the longest time and convinced myself I was "psychic".

I have seen things levitate in mid air or just move around by themselves. I have also used a Ouija board in the past and so I thought that was the cause of demonic activity.

Now I don't think that anymore so much. My father and his family have a long history of schizophrenia and with schizophrenics they hallucinate and hear things that are not there. Recently my mental health has been declining (as I do have depression) but I think it's more than just depression.

I began to question wether it was a demonic attack or I'm just going insane. And either way, I know for sure im not mentally well. I am planning to go see my doctor soon and get a diagnosis and maybe go on medication.

No, I'm not religious at All if that's what you are wondering. And before you assume I'm on any non-legal drugs, no I'm not.

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  • Tell your doctor, and I suggest getting a //licensed// therapist. Medication can do wonders, but therapy will always, always, be helpful. Whether you are diagnosed with anything or not.

    I recommend therapy to everybody, it is helpful for everyone, and there should be programs in place to help carry some of the cost if that is a factor for you.

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  • Who knows, you might just be seeing spirits.

    Not everything is a mental illness, you know.

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  • i think you have Schizophrenia

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  • Seek the kind, deny the evil. You can do this by listening to reggae, not k pop.

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  • Good idea to get your mental health checked out. Be sure and tell them you and your family’s psychic history as well as schizophrenic history so they can consider all factors.

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