I think i'm fired from my job

I am a sercuity guard and was asked to work a night shift(6pm to 6am). Then get 12 hours off before go back to work for a day time shift (7am to 7pm). During that 12 hours a co worker started texting me and gave me shit. After being stressed out by her messages I put my number has private caller ID and lied and texted back telling her I changed my number.

I slept in today and read on my phone that the manager reminded me of my day night shift. I told her I have had lots of changes (my grandpa was hospitalized and my uncle died) and on top of that being stressed out by my job. She offered me a today off and told me I need to communicate if I'm not going into work. Right after she give me today off I sent my resume to a few place because I co workers and working both night and day is stressful and I miss having a job that I only work 8 or 10 hours a day

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  • not for nothin and maybe im wrong but your chronicles of yalls occupational dramas on here make you sound like youre kinda a high maintenance employee

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  • I think you fucked up. She could genuinely care about the issues you expressed. Or she’s trying to make sure they can cover your hours to fire you.

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  • Shes right though they need notice if you're not coming in you mess everything up if you call out last second

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  • Sucks to say but you should of put an advanced warning. Though she should of been more keen to recognize fatigue in her employees. An unalert security guard will not be as effective as an alert one.

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  • Combining day and night shift is fucked up.

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  • It doesn't sound like you were fired to me. She just offered you take the day off. If you're fired you'll know about it, they'll tell you directly.

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