I think i'm being watched and i like it

I have this weird thing... This is what I fantasize: I always think that my family keeps an eye on me. Whatever I'm doing in my thoughts I always make sure the whole world is watching in my thoughts. Like after 100 years since I did something, the humans have invented a machine that can show you what happened long ago, and everyone is watching what I did. Sometimes I think I'm such an important person in the history of humanity that everyone wants to know my life story. That's why they're watching. And sometimes I even think I am the inventor of that machine. I don't know why I can't think I'm doing something without my parents and grandparents knowing about it. Even if it is my personal life. Maybe because I know that they'll be proud of whatever I'm doing all the time. And I will act as if I don't know about it (in the plot of my thoughts, I actually don't know about it) and behave pretty normally in front of them as if nothing happened. And then I'll be surprised to know that they got to know about something somehow. Why am I even asking this... I know it's not normal. Can anyone tell me how I can change my way of thinking?

Since I am talking about thinking, I also really like someone (a celebrity) for 3 years now, and I can't forget them. This is impacting my real life and I'd like to stop. Some suggestions would be helpful.

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  • So you also like it people when people stalk you?

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    • No. I forgot to mention that I don't like unknown people. Only known people. It's different when the whole world is watching after hundreds of years. It won't affect me. A stranger following me at the moment is scary

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    • I liked the idea until I was actually stalked. Snipped that right in the bud as soon as I caught wind.

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  • LOL i think the same! its actually a good thing cause you act better when you think ur parents or something r watching u

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