I think i am too critical and mean to my girlfriend

I think I am overly sarcastic to my girlfriend, whenever she makes a mistake i have to jump on her and rub it in. I also play jokes and pranks on her. She has been telling me recently that i am being mean but i think i am being fun. I try to watch myself but even subtle humor hurts her feelings. Granted, she has been having a stressful summer with driver's ed and other home issues, but am i really being mean, and how can i better myself?

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  • I had a boyfriend like that. It went to a point where everything I said, I could predict what he was going to say and the relationship just became depressing and I hated it. To make matters worse I wasn't all that confident and he just made me feel worse about myself.

    I cheated on him because I found comfort in another guy who knew what to say. If he was wiser with he's words then the other guy's words wouldn't matter, it was almost like thats all I wanted to hear.

    The point of that story is becareful what you say and make sure your girlfriend isn't offended and don't do it often, she might look for what you are not giving her elsewhere.

    Remember girls are sensitive, so comments on appearence and intelligence may lower her confidence.

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    • thanks for the input, and i've talked to her and i have made a great effort to not make her feel bad anymore. We're both a lot happier than we were during the summer, i think the main problem was too much of eachother and we were just getting agitated. But still, i'm glad we're working through it (i think it's genetic, both my parents are very mean in waht they say) I can see us spending another year and a half at least together ^^. ty people!

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    • Wow you are still a horrible person...
      You cheater, you should of just dumped your loser boyfriend... But instead I bet you felt good being a dirty cheating whore huh lmaol ho's be hella HILARIOUS =/

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    • Great advise and I've lost many great women who loved me because of this.

      It's a commitment and a working progress everyday, and I'm dealing with the guilt of many years of this.

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  • You already know that what you're doing upsets your girlfriend. Forget if you are just trying to be silly, she obviously doesn't see it that way. What you should do is back off for a bit with it. Use internal dialogue whenever you feel a snarky comment comming on. Perhaps there are too many other people rubbing her mistakes in and you are only making things worse. Just try and put yourself in her shoes. I think advice is the last thing you need...you need to just behave as a loving boyfriend would, be there for her. Good Luck!


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  • eeerm. maybe you two should grow up.

    tell her to stop being oversensitive (boo-hoo. drivers ed isn't that big of a deal, and everyone has family problems)

    and you should try to see things from her point of view. also stop teasing her like its 1st grade.

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  • Tell her drink a cup of concrete & harden the fuck up lol

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  • Be yourself.But try to be nice when shes having a problem.

    would you like it if something bad is having to you and she pretty much makes jokes.

    Theres two kinds of girls that kind that you have to play with like joke around when they are sad or hug them...

    Or just talk about her.

    And pretty much your still flirting with her.

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