I think i am into pet play?

Idk bro i ain't even that sexual, like i am mostly on the asexual spectrum but if i had to have a kink i would say i think i like pet play.

Not the whole costum thing tho.

Just, something about collars and just behaving animalistic in a way is kinda hot i guess??? Leashes too like... Ionknow. Being called puppy is cute too 🥺

I already growl and purr on a daily basis bc it helps me express myself and i like it so when i am grumpy i growl and when i am happy/satisfied i purr (this part has no sexual connotations, i just do it for no reason really) IT COMES NATURALLY I GUESS?

but yeah i just wanted to tell someone so im sorry but u, stranger, have to live with this knowledge now. Yikes jaja

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