I think i’m in love with him yet i haven’t talked to him

There’s a guy that I noticed my junior year of high school looking at me, but this was towards the end of the year and I started to like him, but I didn’t see him again until now, the second semester of my senior year. I’ve started to like him and Friday I feel like I messed up because I looked at him and looked away smiling like an idiot, and I definitely feel like he noticed because he tried faking that he was asleep and was actually looking in my direction, I think he’s perfect and I definitely think i’m falling for him, but I don’t know what to do! I want to start flirting with him and showing off but I don’t know if that would be good. Also, is it normal if I daydream about him a lot and see myself having his baby? (Far off, I know, lol)

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  • Well as you're in school you could always do the classic "accidental" pen drop so he'll pick it up and your eyes will meet and your romance will blossom?

    Any thoughts on names for your baby?

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    • I wish I could do that but he sits across the room at the corner :/ we all have assigned seating too

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  • You’re not in love with. It’s called obsession. He’s probably so flippin hot you barely know what to do like how to breath. Oh believe me, I know! Just chill & talk to him or do something funny like break something in half & then throw it at him.

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  • Flirt yes, show off no.

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