I think astrology is hella accurate

its just so accurate and my birth chart (natal chart) is soo true

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  • It isn't. You just unconsciously cherry pick the times it was right and ignore the times it wasn't

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  • Some of the descripts are fairly accurate.

    Well like, in my observations (i am no expert) but -

    Aries are hard to get along with, short temper.
    Taurus are a watered-down version and tend to be more serious.
    Gemini are indecisive but easy to get along.
    Cancer tends to have mood swings for no apparent reason.
    Leo really are proud, they do not waste time with anger.
    Virgo tend to be negative but are the easiest to get along with.
    Libra - don't know much about
    Scorpio have this undue rep as being vindictive.
    Sagittarius (mine) tend to think everything is either a joke or unimportant.
    Capricorn have one mood their whole life, no variation of emotion.
    Aquarius - don't know much about
    Pisces are kind of the dorky ones. Those people that laugh at everything even if no humor is present.

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  • Coincidence

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  • There have been scientific studies which looked for links between certain personality traits and birthdates. They found a limited linkage between a few things and the season in which the person was born. There wasn't any linkage between astrological signs and the traits, since the pattern in the Southern Hemisphere was the reverse of that in the Northern Hemisphere, so the assumption is that there are unknown, seasonal environmental factors at work.

    A lot of what people get out of astrology is due to confirmation bias (our tendency to see what we want to see and ignore the rest) and wishful thinking. For example, the characteristics you list as being those of someone who's an Aries also apply to me (at least sometimes), and I'm a Scorpio. Also, all of those adjectives are generally considered positive traits, and we all want to think the best of ourselves.

    Do you think many of those born between 20 March and 21 April would agree that the description of Aries fit if the description of traits was "Foolhardy, obstinate, egotistical, fanatical, starry-eyed, blunt, and sex-obsessed"?


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    • ...Aries fit if the description of traits was "Foolhardy, obstinate, egotistical, fanatical, starry-eyed, blunt, and sex-obsessed"


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    • Fair enough. Read your horoscope a day after the fact, otherwise what you read will influence what you do. Better yet, have someone read all 12 to you and pick the one that fit your experience the best. You will probably be right one out of twelve times, meaning that there is no predictive value.

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    • Not OP, but I heard about the study of birthdates and personalities. People born in September are supposed to be over exceeders since teachers thieve special treatment to older students, thus they learn better than their peers. July and August (overlay for August) tend not to be as ambitious .

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  • I have no clue what that is, so let's put it to the test. I just looked it up & i'm apparently an "Aries", what are the qualities and characteristics of an "Aries".

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  • Bullshit voodoo placbeo conspiracy from the cia to get everyone's personal info.

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    • id wager if the cia needs to know yalls birthday then they wont have too much trouble figurin it out

      i cant thinka much else theyd learn from data minin astrology except to pinpoint whos a chump enough to believe in it

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      • Well thats excatly it. The weed through people and find the gullible ones, then they bury them in adds designed especially for people gullible like them.

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