I think animal testing is fine?

I dont know about you people, but I really don't understand all that hate towards animal testing, as in testing chemicals on animals and all that. I'm against abusing animals simply for the sake of abusing them, but I think that we should test chemicals on animals in order to further develop our own species. I don't know how you guys feel about this, but I think that we as superior beings should have the rights to do whatever we want with animals, especially if they are for scientific purposes? Is something wrong with me?

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  • Perfectly normal. I'm with you. And the previous comment.. rats r smarter right dude they have instincts not smarter. Yes test animals. We develop knowledge this way with trial and error. Just do it for the right reasons and don't get carried away being negligent taking the neighbors pets. Get a degree in science and do what you need to at a actual legit lab. I'm with that.

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  • I don't believe that all humans are superior to all animals. The average lab rat is infinitely superior to the average child molester/rapist. Sure animal testing probably has its place in certain circumstances, but it's often unnecessary. Truly evil people in society are less than cockroaches.

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