I sweat excessively in general and moreso while gaming.

So i believe i may have hyperhidrosis. I sweat a LOT more than other people do, even when I'm cold and/or not even any under pressure. It only gets much much worse once i do become too hot or under pressure. This makes for some pretty awkward interviews as i've got some job interviews and college interviews to do. The thing on my mind isn't "Will i get this place?" or How to deal with the next question. It's "I hope they don't offer a handshake after this because I'm sweating so much my trousers are getting damp from wiping my hands down".

As an avid gamer too, my keyboard and mouse get really slippery and disgusting while gaming. So much so that every 2 minutes or so i have to spend a couple of seconds waving my hands about in the air to give it a break. I've been considering getting a huge fan for my desk, but that won't solve the underlying problem...

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  • The truth is that your not mentally trained properly to game long hours. If you see documentaries of the esport athletes that go to school and boarding school together, they run a mile each morning, Push ups and all those exercise, You might think this is stupid but it is not it is the three most important factors in succeeding and winning in any sport that is to control your Mind, Body and Soul, If you do not know what this is then I advise you to heavily research it, Once your brother masters the art of meditation all the sweating will stop, it is all mental.

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  • My brother sweats in his hands and he rusts the metal strings on his guitar. He is having treatment so he doesn't have to worry about slipping on his guitar when he is playing. He's a professional guitarist so this is a big deal.

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  • What is your current height and weight?

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  • Have you seen a doctor about this?

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    • I've been tempted to. Though i've thought against it as the last time i went to my doctor was to bring up another long term issue, of which he didn't really give any practical help for (Literally just gave me a little bit of card with a phone number written on it [Didn't even get any responses from this number]). After of which i just seeked out a professional clinic on my own which is helping me through it.

      Though there aren't any specialised clinics on hyperhidrosis, so i'm just kinda stumped at the moment. I dread having to go back there as the entire encounter itself was a living nightmare, though if there is absolutely no other alternatives: i may schedule an appointment.

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  • Injections of Botox can help with profuse underarm sweating, so it may be useful in situations like interviews or public speaking. But its pricey. But you really gotta get some medical help, there is no easy home remedy fix for overactive sweat glands.
    I was gonna tell you to rub a blended mix of root vegetables all over your hands arms and torso for 3 weeks, but that would just be mean.

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