I suspect my mother is actually muslim

Last week and I went to stay at my mother's house two days while I looked after my sister I found a Qur'an in her bedroom cupboard. My mother had always been Catholic her entire life, but she doesn't go to church and she does not wear a hijab.

In fact she just lives her life causally and is a heavy smoker. I don't see her pray but I do see her occasionally curse. The next day I questioned her about the Qur'an and she told me a male friend of hers that is actually Muslim let her read it but he does want it back sometime.

Quick disclaimer:

I am not islamophobic as I was considering converting to Islam myself.

This week I found a scarf thing that kinda looked like a sarong but it's kinda see-through. Initially I then quickly thought it was actually a scarf that goes around the head like a hijab.

I'm starting to think my mother is slowly turning into a Muslim but it seems impossible because of the way I know she behaves and she can't be Muslim if she smokes and cusses all the time.

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