I suddenly lost my mind and now very much uninterested in my career

Right now, all I need is some free time, space for myself. I feel like watching some YouTube videos and Science stuff.
I am a working mother(child is 3 years old) and we live in a orthodox joint family in India. I want to move out of the hell every second. I had so many dreams to think and work on, now , after working continuously at home and at work, I feel saturated.
Is this normal to feel like not working at all???
I believe Indian mothers can understand my pain. I also fear, that I have developed ADHD sypmtoms.

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  • This was called "burnout" by my and my previous generation.

    Yes its normal.

    Finding a solution may be hard, but it is usually possible.

    What other kind of jobs could you potentially do? Could you potentially start a side business that eventually replaces your job (think Amway or other well established Multi-Level- Marketing company: Note that you need a totally honest up-line and need to find a company or mentor organization that focuses on personal development. MLM attempts virtually always fail without both of those).

    I wish you the best with this...

    Key to know is that this is a normal feeling and exist in all cultures in the world... You are not alone.

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  • I'm not an Indian single mom, but I work 60 hours over six days

    I want to stop, have more time for myself, but if I don't keep going things will fall apart

    Thinking about that helps keep me going

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    • Thank you for your comment and I understand your context.
      The point is about women living in a joint family having to work and cook continuously, having absolutely no private life

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      • We are different, I'm a guy pioneering an adventure and you mother a child and serve your family

        I don't have a private life either, though. I don't have friends or family. I have coworkers and my job and I have my goals

        What's a joint family? Is that like a bunch of in laws in a mansion

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        • 'Bunch of in laws in a mansion' isn't the right example though.
          Girls/Women are supposed to live with the boy and his family, meaning the boy's parents and siblings. Although most of the people are not living together now-a-days, I observe that this still exists in many parts of India. Living with in-laws is absolutely not easy. Women are supposed to work, cook, take care of kids same time. They don't have time to realize that they too are human beings and that they also have certain likes and dislikes of their own. Basically, women are just maids with no paid salary.

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  • It's normal when you work too hard to not want to work at all. You should be balanced. You shouldn't neglect working on your goals and be realistic. Also be grateful you're settled down and respect your culture. Try to discuss with your family that the work is too much for you and to move with your husband and maybe to hire someone to do the housework.

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  • I wish retirement was tomorrow, because of burnout. I don't know maybe you did suffer some mental health issues (I wouldn't call lost my mind the diagnosis :P), but to lose zeal for your job and want to do other things I think is normal

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