I subconsciously eat paper towels

For some reason every time I use a serviette or paper towel to wipe my mouth, I end up chewing on it, the thing is, I’m not even conscious about it until someone points it out.

I’ll often only notice after I’ve swallowed half the square, once I’ve noticed I get really confused and spit it out.
I think it started as an anxiety thing, but now I do it all the time

It weirds out my family, friends and myself.
I’m not really sure what to think of it.

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  • That’s not what I meant when I told you you had to clean up your act

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  • The title mad end laugh so bad mate! But anyway, I suppose it could be stress related. My question would be, have you done it to anything else or just paper towels? If it's just paper towels then something really weird is going on. I would see help either way if this is causing you issues mate.

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    • Looking back on the times I’ve done it in public, it is quite funny!
      But yeah, just paper towels, from RoseIsabella’s comment I now know it’s most likely a case of pica, which I’m currently trying to learn about.

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  • That's not normal, and the compulsion to eat non food items is called pica.

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