I spray perfume in my hair. iin?

just here to ask another question.
this time it's about appearance. i usually wear deodorant regularly as much as i can. i am very sensitive to smells, so i always do everything to make sure im clean. i shower and wash my hair every night with shampoo and conditioner. afterwards i spray my hair with deodarant. however im starting to think perhaps this is not a good idea as it is extremely flammable and bad for the scalp. i don't have any allergic reactions from the chemicals and i don't go near as much heat.

i want my hair to smell really nice but i can't help but think it might become problematic.

the question is, is it Normal?

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  • Its probably worse to clean your hair so often.

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  • It's your body and you're free to do whatever you want with it.

    However, you should bear in mind that you have no idea how strongly you reek of the cocktail of scents you wear. No matter how sensitive you believe your sense of smell to be, because you're constantly walking around in a fog of perfume, your nose tunes it out.

    On the other hand, everyone you ever encounter will be hit with a wall of aroma as soon as you get near them. Some might appreciate how you smell like a warehouse full of flowers or a department store perfume counter, but there are lots of people who are highly sensitive to perfumes, some so much so that a heavy dose of synthetic scents can make them physically ill.

    I don't have that extreme reaction, but every time I encounter someone who has apparently doused themselves in perfume I wonder what ghastly stench they're trying to cover up.

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  • I prefer natural body odors to chemicals.

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  • I wouldn't spray scents onto your hair if you are also wearing scents elsewhere and washing so often. It might not smell strong to you but to other people it will smell very strongly. Perfume/scent can be alluring, but only when it's very subtle.

    It's gross when someone who wears too much scent enters the room - it's like an assault on the nose and throat.

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  • I think you are shampooing your hair too often. You should switch to twice a week, or bnb at least every other day.

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  • Why are you washing your hair so often? I guess if you work out a ton, I get it.

    Do whatever you want. Some people spray perfume in their hair.

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