I sometimes want to escape civilization and go live in the wilderness

Ideally in a way where I'm fully independent from modern society and could actually live of nature. I feel like I would like to get closer to nature and see what I would bee like in a truly natural world. I want to feel able to travel whenever I want without long times of planning and saving up beforehand. But I do know its not rational and most likely something I never will. If I actually tried I would probably get enough of it within the first 24 hours with things like not getting enough sleep, freezing and going hungry. I'm also scared of the ants in the forest and that could be a big problem. Long term I don't even think I could survive. Most of the time I'm content with my current life. Yet I still get a strong urge to just flee from everything and live like a wild animal, its like a realization that you(and most of us) are somehow misplaced in our modern society

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  • I use to have woods behind my house when I was a kid and thers was like 20 acres if uninhabited area back there. Some of my fondest memories camping back there and just fucking off. It really was cool

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  • its a lot more toil & discomfort than youd be led to believe

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    • Yeah making a fire with no tools is an absolute bitch. Took me an hour to figure out how to rub two sticks together into an ember. Though I went with the fireplow method I could probably make a fire bow within the same amount of time.

      Knowing how to braid to make twine and rope is important. Yes it's a guy skill to know how to make a rope from fiber by braiding.

      Now what I want to do in the summer is to go into the woods with a knife and a life straw (plus a med kit) see how it goes.

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  • I grew up with a lot of wilderness camping, fishing, and hunting. I too once dreamed of just moving into the woods and largely living off of the land. It's a lot of work though - especially as in my area you have to gather and preserve food for the winter.

    I could do it if I had too... But, long ago lost any desire to try.

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  • Sure, normal.

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  • I went to the woods to live deliberately

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  • Chris McCandless did so... Look him up.

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  • There are people who do that.

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