I sometimes want to chokehold a girl for no reason

I'm kind of obsessed with the chokehold and I practice on my little brother all the time (without actually choking him). Practicing the technique of the chokehold is very satisfying for me and I often think about how fun and easy it would be to choke a girl until she passes out. I would never do it because I'm scared of going to prison, but I'm curious about how it feels to restrict someones breathing until they pass out or die. I've never actually choked a human before.
Is it normal to feel curious about this stuff?

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  • Some chicks dig being choked during rough sex. The lack of oxygen to the brain intensifies orgasms and it's a dominant/submissive thing as well. Be careful though, a lot of people are accidentally killed doing this.

    It sounds to me though that this isn't what you're talking about. You're probably an incel with mommy issues that has watched too much professional wrestling. I suggest you seek psychological help before your desire manifests itself into something that will hurt someone and land you in prison.

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  • You say you gave never chocked a human before. Does thus mean you have chocked animals to death? If so you need help and fast. You're a serial killer in training.

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  • Sexually this is fine as long as there is a contract and you don't kill anyone. Non-sexually and to a random girl on the street is completely psyco.

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  • I would totally have you arrested.

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  • this is the funniest shit i have ever read

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  • If it’s a rough sex thing (and you don’t actually want to kill or seriously hurt the woman), it’s fine. If you actually want to kill or seriously hurt someone (especially sexually), you should see help.

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