I sometimes think my neighbor is gay, but i hope not, because i'm not

a thought goes through my head, and I say to myself ... are you CraZy" while thinking my neighbor is gay at 68>? I was talking with him one time (while smoking a joint and drinking a beer) and he started talking about jocks/athletes how well built someone was. I just kind of maneuvered the conversation to something else... He's an angler 'fisherman' and he's always out fishing, always! He kind of shys away from women.

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  • I find the phrase "gay at 68" kind of funny, like most people age out of being gay in their 60s

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  • If he is gay, that will change your attitude towards him ? Just tell no thanks it's not for you but you can still be friends. Otherwise for you to say oh no he's gay I can't go talk with him anymore, , if that's what you gonna do, that's pretty shallow of you.

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  • Is he hitting on you, or sexually harassing you?

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