I sometimes feel like my mind is leaving my body

When im extremely high(on edibles) I get this feeling that my mind is going to 'float' or 'escape' my body or like im going crazy. At these moments it feels like I have to 'focus' on a specific object for said mind to not escape my body. But im thinking this is all normal for someone who is high right?
Lately, I experienced this without being high. Last time I got high was August and I'm talking about November/December. I got this feeling about twice when I was just lying in bed. Not so intense and long as when I'm high but it was still there. I get really scared and panic a bit but i have learned that focusing on an object in the room really helps. Like WOW, look its a table! A brown table!
And later the feeling goes.
Is this normal? Am I going insane? It mostly just feels like I'm about to go crazy.

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  • It's called disassociation. It's an escape mechanism. You're not going insane, because you're rational enough to recognize it. You need to explore the stresses in your life and how you can relieve them.

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  • I've never been high and I get such feelings, though probably milder versions of that feeling than if you're high.
    It's called dissociation and is usually brought on by stress and anxiety.

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