I sleep with mask on. is it normal?

I sleep with COVID mask is normal yes no tell me now

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  • I have bad asthma and react to pollen and mold. I used to sleep with a face mask pre-covid just for that if I was not in my HEPA air filtered house.

    Post covid I now have much worse allergies - and my eyes and eyelids now react to pollen/mold as well. So now I need to be in a fully enclosed face mask if I'm not in a protected environment (I have such a helmet).

    I don't see a problem with it.

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  • I wish this site offered more options. This doesn't sound normal in the sense that it's commonly seen, but it doesn't sound unhealthy or as if it's causing harm to anyone. It'd be nice to have things like

    YES, it's normal and harmless
    YES, it's normal but doesn't healthy
    NO, it's NOT normal but it's harmless
    NO, it's NOT normal and doesn't sound healthy

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  • I sleep with a pussy on my mouth. The best feeling ever.

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  • do you really sleep with a covid mask?

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  • Why do you do this?

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  • I sleep with a mouthpiece and earplugs after about 4am. The baby likes to scream then the toddler comes in and jumps on my back. If I tell him to stop he calls me a BETAA. Idk where he learns this shit.

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