I should be playing these games of skill

It's normal, even though I was so confused because people were encouraging differentness, it's affecting my brain.
Furthermore Onet 3D is the game I should be playing, as with Numberzilla, Sudoku, peg, peg Solitaire and crossword puzzles on my phone, it's not the same as playing mindless stimulation like Conker's Bad Fur Day, these fantasy games, and Banjo Kazooie, you know bigger isn't always better, it's stupid to play games that ruin your mind when geniuses play games of skill and exercise their minds.

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  • Nevermind what you "should" play; Most video games were made for the sake of enjoyment and fun.

    If you're actively seeking to train your brain, then these skill games are perfect for such a thing.

    However, the way you worded this sounds like there is a social taboo you are experiencing. Is someone looking down on you for not playin skill games?

    If so, screw them. You like what you like.

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    • There's no social taboo on these, but I have to hand it to you that I should play games that are good for the brain and not that junk or popular stuff so many people take for granted.

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  • Yo, Hans, brah!

    You've told us all about your countless, amazing achievements in very great detail on so many occasions, but why have you never mentioned that you inspired an album by Moving Gelatine Plates?

    The complete "The World of Genius Hans" is at the link below. I assume the album cover art is a portrait of you. Such a handsome dude.


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