I saw my friend cut himself in the bathroom, what should i do?

I was doing my business in the boys bathroom when I heard crying from the stall next to mine, it was really awkward since it was just the two of us. Some moments later I see blood drop onto the ground. I start to get a bit nervous. I look closer and I notice that this person is my friend, we’ll call him Alex. I recognize him because of his pants and shoes.

I call his name and he stops crying, it’s really awkward but I’m really concerned about him so I flush and get out of my stall.

I knock on Alex’s stall door and he just told me to go away.

It’s weird cause I’ve never seen Alex act like this, he’s a really cheerful guy, always smiling and laughing. It sounds bad but I take a peak at what he’s doing through the small crack between the door and the frame and I see a small knife in his hand.

I don’t know what to do about this. I’m worried about my friend. I tried messaging him a couple hours ago but he didn’t reply. Should I contact someone? Should I talk to him at school?

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