I resent a celebrity

No, this is not about a certain British pop star I posted about several years ago. I love her now, she didn't really punch someone for not liking her hair bow (or whatever that ordeal was) and she's not even that famous anymore.

When I was in middle school I became self conscious about my weight. Seeing all these weight loss ads on TV constantly didn't help. One really triggered me because this actress was Bragging about going from a size 10 to a size 4, and I was about a size 10 at the time. I'm disgusted with her for making that ad with no thoughts or regards as to how it might affect the self esteem of anyone watching (she basically said a size 10 is fat). I did lose a noticable amount of weight when I went vegetarian, but I gained weight when I was laid up after an injury, then in quarantine. Not trying to be bitter but that s**t rubs me the wrong way. Now that I think about it I grew up with a mom who constantly complained about her weight, and even though I love my mom to death I think that might have affected me at a subconscious level. This ended up turning into a vent post.

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  • It's physics dicks

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  • I hate Bella Poarch.

    Anyways, someone's self-esteem is purely on them.

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  • There are a lot of reasons someone could be trying to lose weight, whether it's purely just to "look better" or for health reasons. I Can't say much without actually seeing the ad, but just saying something like "I went from a size 10 to a size 4 using this product" and probably having a before and after picture isn't bad.

    Ads are meant to sell a product to people, would be kinda hard to sell a weight loss product without giving some numbers, maybe some before and after pictures. Can the ads be misleading sure, but why hate the celebrity who's probably just a paid actor who doesn't even use the product and was probably just told to read some lines from a script?

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