I relate to my cat a lot

Yes, this is the same cat that I posted about sounding like Waluigi lol. So I’ve got a lot of stuff going on like autism and anxiety, and I’ve found that my cat has similar struggles to mine. She has the cat equivalent of panic attacks when she is overwhelmed, like me. (She goes to a corner, freezes up, and starts hyperventilating) She is really weird compared to my other cats, like she has weird obsessions, has weird mannerisms, is really shy despite her being born in a shelter, and just acts in a way that I can relate to due to my conditions. I describe her as having “Kitty autism and anxiety” because she is practically me as a cat. I’ve been around many different cats and she’s the only one who’s acted like this. So, is it normal that my cat is basically me in cat form?

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  • Not sure but you sound like the purrrrfect match

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  • I definitely think it's normal that you feel like your cat is you in cat form! I've definitely felt that way about pets of mine! Unfortunately, the one that comes to mind most was a horse I had who was extremely stubborn and opinionated! 🤣 We definitely butted heads a few times from being too much alike, but when we were good, we were great!

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  • I relate to my tornado husband and the spongebob outro song

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  • It's pretty normal for someone to say their dog is their best friend. I want to see it become equally as normal for people to say their cat, rabbit, ferret, etc. is their best friend

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