I refuse to learn their terms

I hear silly words like "cisgender, binary, pansexualism" and others and I roll my eyes and quit talking to the person. I refuse to engage in learning this idiocy.

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  • Same I purposely refuse to educate myself on what some of the words mean.

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  • Normal. Its all garbage.

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  • I’m not seeing anything other than a desperate need for identity while neglecting to build up the personality which leads to an identity.

    It’s really quite sad that people have been raised completely fucked and inadequate by way of this propaganda and social engineering. Majority of people were doing just fine years ago without all the gender politics. If this stuff is so good for people and is truly correct, then why have all of their issues only increased rather than decreasing through its acceptance. Irrefutable proof that it’s garbage.

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  • If I know you and I misgender you its 100% on purpose. If I dont know you then I'm just using the pronoun that I pick out of a bag until I'm corrected.

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