I now know what's normal

I follow a standard, am usual, ordinary (normal), follow a norm, rule and principle, and am not odd or unusual any more (always believed that), except that I try to have an intrapersonal normality and not conformity, except that I'm physically ill, e.g. I always wear my glasses since I bought them, and always wanted to, my belly is normally better and I normally don't starve after the one dietary mistake and ever since I've been vegetarian/pescetarian, e.g. I normally don't eat chicken or red meat, and haven't eaten them once, and since beegan, never ate a single fish, not once. So it's what commonly occurs, and is done. Normality is complicated and since I studied it I've been an expert, but it's indispensable to be any form of normal. I'm not normal yet until I overcome my physical problem. Normal also means sane and without physical, mental and emotional disorders. I follow all the rules in the book, except for my stomach. So I know what's normal and what's not, I have my own definition. I normally am a picky eater, almost hate solid food (normally), my condition with food isn't normal health, but I'm working on it (I know I'm not normal yet). It's normal to be odd as there's a lot of odd people, including disabled people and those with Selective Eating Disorder (which is normal because these people know what they like, it's consistent, and it's common). Autistic people are very fussy eaters, following conformity that's normal (as all of them do that). What's not usual about it is simply that fussy eaters are all individuals, e.g. they invent their own diets of liking this and disliking that, mostly about disliking. I'm not making an argument, it's not an account, and it's not a belief, it's scientific fact. I have a system. I have the knowledge and it's physical phenomena (my definition of science), its method is scepticism (I always do that and everyone here can see that), I even question my former beliefs and recent doubts (always did that) therefore I question that I should doubt my beliefs sometimes and therefore change back to my old beliefs. I make contradictions and mix it with rationalism (I always do that) therefore there's a subtle contradiction above. The other method of my science is inquiry, intersubjectivity, therefore I have proof and have the power to convince (always done). I'm sane and emotionally and mentally well, still do a little sageness (and pursuing wisdom just by knowing and discerning) and always use wisdom like I have done for a long time. I'm always smart, always a supergenius, and made people think I was smart (which is normally done). I love food (seriously), and I normally do philosophy, it's part of my folk psychology from childhood experience with me and others, and I always do and did it, I'm always doing Transcendental Meditation and black mirror scrying and superstition, plus I have no regrets or irritation or apathy, and I normally do dealings with Satan/demons, haven't changed that a bit, like my normal doubting of my doubts, I went back to the old belief in syntheism, I'm always thinking without talking to myself and always resting my mind at night, if that's not normal I don't know what is.

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