I no longer care about youtube drama

I could not give any rats ass about any drama, they're all pretty boring, like no one gives a shit to who got cancelled and whatnot.

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  • You cared about youtube drama?

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    • I never have cared about that bullshit either. It's just a bunch of garbage, like reality television is a bunch of garbage.

      This stuff kinda reminds me of my sister watching the Real Housewives shows on Bravo. It's such a horrible waste of time, and my sister swears that she can learn from those shows. I always think, "what are you gonna learn how to be a bigger bitch"?

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  • my list of subscribed youtube channels...

    -precision transmission
    -south main auto
    -andrew camarata
    -pine hollow auto diagnostics
    -jesse mueller
    -watch wes work
    -made in poland
    -dr dave billiards
    -eric the car guy

    never seen much drama on any of these

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