I never go outside...

I never used to do the whole partying scene, until I was about 21. Cousin asked me out and I said yes, I met all her friends and really enjoyed it.
I've been out quite a lot since then but each time it got worse because I never knew what to say to the other friends to gain them as friends.
It also bothers me now that one has started questioning about my love life (never had one) and it embarrasses me and they all try and set me up and push me to dance with a lad.. shy and embarrassed not fun!

So what can I say?

By the way I'm. Going out with them tomorrow ha so help!

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  • You know guys ? Shy girls are far more attractive than loud girls to them

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  • About guys Keep being shy it's sexy don't lose urself with stupid party guys ...
    Meet a guy over internet i'm sure u r more open when u r not seeing the person nd u be like a total different person... Anyway it's easier that way .. and tell him step by step how u feel and how u r shy and can't keep a conversation.. He ll like it first nd then He ll help u nd get u to talk nd takes the lead .. Nd that's what 90% of men want .. Taking the lead .. And about girls just have confidence nd don't think of as if they r better than u .. Fix urself up makeup clothes be smart ... if u talk to a girl don't talk like u r less important act like u hv a life good luck :)

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  • just relax and be yourself.. get some drinks in you and enjoy, dont get shitfaced though:p

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