I never cared about spending tax dollars

All my life I thought it was silly boomer stuff when ppl complained about "their tax dollars" being used. Then I finally started earning a decent middleclass wage and now $600+ a week is withheld in taxes. And I now wonder if I'm actually receiving $600+ in benefits from the government. And the answer is definitely no. As much tax dollars as the USA gets they dont seem to care what they spend it on. A trillion here a couple hundred billion there. And then I look around and theres hobos all over the place, crime in the city, and 30 year olds on welfare sitting around smoking weed. Now I wonder where the hell does all this money go? If theres 330 million ppl and most of them are paying hundreds a week in taxes. I looked and the military is only 15% of what they spend. So that excuse doesnt work. Even if they cut military spending to 0 its still alot of money every week.

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  • Do you drive on public roads? Perhaps have a town or city pick up and dispose of your trash? Depend on a local fire and police department if something goes wrong at your home? Use an airport to fly somewhere? Did you go to public schools or colleges? Etc.

    Those are all places your tax dollars are spent that you use or depend on.

    Chances are really good that you are in fact getting more than you $600 worth since the government overall has not had a balanced budget in many decades (it has to borrow money to pay for things because the tax collections are less than what it cost to provide services).

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    • I normally think you have pretty good responses. However, I think this time you are off target. Unless the $600 per week he is paying in taxes includes a large amount of state and local taxes.

      My experience in the states was, very little state and local taxes came from payroll tax. Most came from sales and property taxes.

      I lived in the states a couple of times. From Va. To Ca. From south to north, but never in the extreme north east and I hear they have some outrageous taxes.

      "Do you drive on public roads?"
      Federal taxes should only go to the interstate highway system. Local state, county, city taxes to all others. BTW your gas and fuel oil sales have a road use tax, federal and state built in. If they actually lived within a budget that should be taken care of. No other tax $ needed.

      "Perhaps have a town or city pick up and dispose of your trash?"

      Every place I lived I received a bill for garbage collection either from the provider or county. It wasn't a payroll tax.

      "Depend on a local fire and police department if something goes wrong at your home?"
      Again local and state, with most being paid thru property and sales taxes, Not payroll.

      "Use an airport to fly somewhere?"
      State and local, except every ticket sold in the US includes taxes and fees part of which is an airport facility tax that goes directly to the airports involved in your flight.

      "Did you go to public schools or colleges? Etc."

      Again, should be state and local. Federal dollars in the education system is what has corrupted the education system in the US. The highest paying and costing system with one of the poorest products produced in the world. Private education does a much better job.

      Federal tax dollars in the US has corrupted just about every system in the US. USA was formed as a coalition of states with a few common interests and needs. Each state was to retain most of the authority to conduct its own affairs. This was corrupted during the 20th century. Some would say it started with the war between the states. However, at least starting with the great depression 1930's social programs, and continued through the sixties and seventies. All to a point now when something happens, everyone turns to the federal deep pockets to solve the issue. Issues that should on most part be handled by the state.

      During the last three presidential administrations, how many times have you heard either threats or actual holding back of federal funds to get a state to comply to a particular political desire.

      The states were meant to(putting it really basic) have 13 to 50 ways of doing things. Some would be good, some maybe not so good, based on your opinion. But people would either vote for new local leaders or vote with their feet. States ran well would gain population and be prosperous, states ran poorly would get new leaders or lose population. Some may do both, lose liberals gain conservatives or vice versa.

      To me, MPO the US had one of the greatest foundations but in liew of accepting others as they are and moving to a part of the country that agrees with your views and where you can be happy. People now want the happy place to move to them. Unfortunately that means the 40 to 60% that don't agree with you must be forced to live your way. And federal funding and tax dollars are at the root of the problem.

      Sorry so long, but I loved the states but it's come to be too much of a political cesspool, it could have been and was so much more!

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      • You are correct that the way Federal Dollars has been distributed has little to do which what should have been.

        I know too much about local city budgets to not think that Federal $$$$ flows into them for all kinds of things - which allows the towns and cities to shift their tax money around.

        There is a lot of Federal money in state highways and bridges, and even in local roads and bridges. The Federal Gas tax goes all over the place; and not just to the interstate.

        My wife works in a school cafeteria as the cook and is fully trained as the supervisor... A lot of federal funding exists for school lunch (Breakfast, Dinner) programs.

        I believe all of my points stand - if you actually look at the source of money for local and state governments, and school systems.

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        • Education: 3%
          Transportation: 4%

          Still just alittle bit of my tax dollars going to it. The majority of the budget goes to healthcare and social security

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        • I think that was OPs point. Too much taxes!

          And my point being I agree, federal taxes in the states, have been allow to flow and get into everything. Things it was never intended for.

          I remember when I lived in Virginia, my children's school had half day Wednesday, but even on snow days they would keep them until after the lunch hour because if they didn't, they would lose federal $ for that day. That's corruption.

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  • Lots of things need taxes like funding road building/maintenance, firefighters and police, public education, maybe hospitals (not as much when patients themself pay in huge amounts), conservation effort maybe. Some people receive welfare, but maybe not enough compared to how many need it, or there wouldn't be homeless (except a very few voluntary ones). What I really dont like is when the government spend on completely unnecessary projects like raising sculptures. Unnecessary rebuilding I think there is a fair amount of too, but not sure if its actually government funded. I dont think all money is used in a smart/necessary way, but still a good portion is, and what is mainly needed is government officials that would use the money better (the amount of tax can be discussed), and not for their own luxury

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  • *Yawns

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  • 15% is a huge amount.

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