I need it so bad, please just give it to me

I've always been a bit of a loner and never had many friends. I'm not sure I even know how to make a real friend anymore, though I've tried, only to left standing alone in a crowd of people looking for someone, anyone that I know, confused and lost and longing for attention. I need it so bad, please just give it to me, that's not to much to ask, I just want to be loved. Is this how most people feel?

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  • You need to be able to be happy with yourself by yourself. When you can honestly like and love yourself, it shows. I actually dont have ma y friends either, i have cut the fat and told many of them to hit the bricks and dont come back. A true friend will be your friend no matter what. I had people judge me when they heard or found out somehow that i am a crossdresser at home in private. Some got over and are friends, others i could care less what they think. They are out of my life. As humans we do have the primal desire to me loved, and part of something good in life. Dont try so hard. Have you ever looked for something so hard and much that you never found it ? Then it seems when you stop looking there it is, right in front of you.

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  • No, this is not how most people feel. Most people have a close group of friends and family who give them attention. But all you really need to do is work on your confidence to make some friends.

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  • Ive been there. It's tough when you don't fit in. Sometimes you turn to drugs or alcohol, or anonymous sex or whatever. Maybe im injecting my own experience into it.

    Being free from society can be the most liberating thing you can imagine though if you think outside social constructs. Not fitting in just means anyone can be your friend except people who wouldn't want to be your friend anyway. You've been given a gift. Because not fitting in means you haven't conditioned yourself to a fake image of self.

    You need to say fuck society, and view everyone as a potential friend. Do drugs, hitchike, travel. Do it while you're young so you learn to get good at it when you're older. You'll eventually see society isn't something you want a part of anyway.

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