I need hunting advice

Mom says that once I’m 18 I can start hunting. I’ve never been hunting before and I need some advice. The main deer species in our area is White Tail, but further out in the rurals we also have some elk.
I would prefer to do bow hunting because I have anxiety and very sensitive hearing and loud noises could give me a panic attack.
I just want some basic tips on what to do like how to find them, where to shoot and how to handle a bow.
I’ve never done any hunting before in my life so any advice by any hunters out there would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

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  • Check to see if deer blinds or deer stands are legal in your state (you typically let the deer come to you, you don’t track them), find approved hunting areas, take lessons on a compound bow similar to the one you have or will buy. When you go for your hunting license you will probably also need to buy a deer tag or ticket. The guys in the hunting or archery place can typically tell you about hunting spots, they may even run outings for beginners. Be advised you have to learn how to gut and bleed deer before they are butchered. I’ve never hunted elk, but I’m sure all/most of the same applies.
    Be absolutely sure of what you are shooting at before you let the arrow fly. Eat what you take, or don’t take it.

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  • If you're using a bow, practice, practice, practice.
    (Maybe start with a "whisker biscuit")
    Now for the deer, I usually use carrots and chopped up sugar beets, get a big carrot and rub it all over the trees around your bait pile, get a good amount of carrot pulp on them.
    Then when you do see one don't freak out, move very slowly, aim about an inch behind the deer's mid shoulder.

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  • Look for stands of Oaks (preferably White Oaks) because their acorns are sweeter, you’ll get more deer in those areas. Treat a bow the same as a gun (same safety rules apply) however if the only thing keeping you from using a rifle is the noise - silencers are legal in many states for taking Deer & Elk and would help you have a better hunt and the animal too. Nothing ruins a hunting trip for a newbie like half killing a their game of choice and then having to finish’em off - which is usually done with a “”Snap Gun”...

    Nickvey is right, check YouTube, lots of good advice on there. Check local laws too... Your local Agriculture Office agent, and local Game Warden both have a wealth of info, are are always ready to help new hunters.

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  • this is not the place, a million videos on hunting deer are on you tube and to can talk to the people that posted the video. you can probably find one that lives close to you.

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  • I'm a hunter, but a lousy one. Like most hunters, we go out, do a bit of off-roading, a lot of drinking and maybe if we are lucky shoot a boar, or a duck, or something... Last 4 hunting trips I've been on, I haven't fired a single shot.

    But if you really want tips on hunting, go on hunting forums. People there are gonna be a lot more helpful than anyone here...

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  • So... All of your family are hunters?

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    • No. My parents don’t hunt. But I want too.

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