I miss the day i was certain

I was certain in my norms before and it wasn't trying to brainwash me, it's becoming a cult.

Normality is a cult, the obsession with conformity and it brainwashes you.

I should listen to the same music I used to listen to, like techno and Kraftwerk without someone disagreeing with my norms from then twisting it, I should be a normalist, I should be 25 before I was unique, and there should be no bullshit, I should be a structuralist, a Christian, and a Platonist of the divine luminosity, I should be all these things, exactly the way it was, that's how you keep your past authentic, it should be the way it actually was with no idealisation, it should be the reality of what I used to be.

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  • Hey Hansberger, how are you doing today?

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    • Good I suppose even though there's distressing thematic material in my post, when people say my writing's thematic they obviously mean it contains adult themes that disturb and confuse a child, the thematic involves moderate horror and emotional distress, and I'm at rest without it.

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