I'm starting to think santa clause might not be real

I know the ones at the mall and on tv aren't the real Santa, but someone would had to have caught him in their house by now and taken his picture. My mom says he's magic but it still is hard to believe he goes to EVERY HIUSE IN THE WHOLE WORLD in one nigget. We have reindeer where I live and they don't fly or have glowing red noses, I think rudolph is radioactive and should see a vet. Also elves can really make smartphones? Maybe 100 years ago when toys were blocks of wood but that seems like too much. I want to believe but I'm having some doubts.

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  • Santa is real because my mom told me so when i was 3. Id be that you dont believe in jesus either when theres a book written 2000 years ago that tells us so. And the coolest part is that this book doesnt need any evidence at all inside of it to prove jesus is real. Just ask christians and they will tell you the same.

    Next i d bet you are going to tell me that the tooth fairy isnt real when i found 50 cents under my pillow a few times as a kid. Jeez,dont be so dumb.

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  • The persona of "Santa" is a tricked played by Odin in response to the spread the Christian religion in Europe. So, no, Santa isn't real, but Odin is.

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  • I think you're too young to be on this site.

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  • your mother ? what does your dad say? why do i ask? well women are great deceivers . when Eve deceived Adam and tricked him in eating the apple its a bible story . Santa is not real and it used to be illegal so celebrate christmas inside of the united states.

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  • Good. Next step is to stop believing in god(s).

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  • Why do you care when you can't even spell his name?

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