I'm literally going crazy

I'm going through so much shit it's not even funny.
First my mind is manipulating my perceptions. I'll think in a positive way; then it'll say "lol sike", as it throws the positive thoughts away.

Then my own emotions are doing the same as my mind. I'll feel happy until something is thrown in front of me. Once that something is thrown at me, I'll feel emotions such as: anxious, pissed off, sad, hopeless, and pessimistic to the point that my physical well being is being affected.

Last night I was very cold, shivering as I was getting goosebumps (despite being fully dressed). Then I had this out of nowhere hot flash yet my nose was cold. I thought I was having a fever until I checked my temperature; which was 37.1°c.

So you see now that I'm literally going insane. Using incense every night does help, though only until I wake up in a panic to check the time.

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