I'm gaining about 5 pounds a year

Is it normal for the pounds to creep up slowly? I'm at 335. Five years ago I was floating at around 310 and in pretty good shape, I was going to the gym and I was looking pretty good. I think I gave up after my girlfriend left me. For some reason I can't do what I was doing before, getting up at 5, walking on the treadmill for 15 minutes cooking home cooked meals... I sleep until 8 now I can barely get up cause I'm so tired. I had so much confidence now I feel like my life is falling apart. There are train tracks near my home and I always think about standing on them and waiting for the train to come.

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  • If you were feeling confident at 310, it shouldn't be that hard to get back to that weight. Just stop eating for a couple days. Fat people lose weight fast once they put minimal effort into it.

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  • Eat nothing for breakfast, one tuna sandwich for lunch, small bowl of bean thread noodles with chicken for tea. Drink nothing but water.

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  • Being chubby is cool. Waiting for a train to hit you is not.

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  • Yes, it is unfortunately very normal (& i sincerely hope people on here are not nasty to you, as i've seen it happen many times on weight related threads...please don't disappoint me people!)

    Just over eating (above your nutritional requirements) about 100 calories a day...which is nothing, like 2/3 a can of coke...can lead to a weight gain of about 10 lbs a year! Combine that with a slightly lower metabolism & loss of muscle tissue as you age & it's very easy to slowly gain weight.

    If you want to lose weight & take it seriously, please don't go on any crash diets. Some minor lifestyle changes can do wonders, like giving up sugary drinks. Making small changes is much more sustainable than trying to make crazy changes all at once.

    If you are looking for positive communities & resources, google reddit "loseit." They are a very helpful community of people who have been there.

    Also, any changes you make should be about your health & feeling better, not about your size. If you are struggling with self image issues & depression that can be a huge barrier to taking care of your body. I'd recommend making your mental health as much of a priority as your physical.

    Please don't get down or give up. You can make changes & when you do, you will feel so much better. You deserve to be happy.

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  • sadly you may need to go to a psychologist and get a diagnosis to try and fix the problem. try to make sure your vitamin d levels, thyroid etc. are in good standing by getting your blood drawn. hopefully everything will be okay. if those things are out of whack and you fix them you will probably lose weight and feel a lot better.

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  • Take antidepressants.

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  • Figure a way out to lose weight. Its very unhealthy to be that big.

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  • You seem depressed and one of the things which will help with that is, guess what, EXERCISE! Not necessarily a treadmill at 5 am, but you could start off with a short walk and build up. The weight gain isn't a major problem, but your state of mind is.

    You also sound somewhat potentially suicidal, so I suggest you find yourself a good therapist, especially if I'm correct in reading that it's 5 years since your breakup. That's way too long to still be in recovery from the end of a relationship and it would be easier to break this pattern with some help.

    Good luck!

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