I'm bearing a huge expectation from my parents

I'm currently in some kind of bootcamp for police officers, in my country police officers are well respected, a lot of people go through test's to become one. I'm not talking about police officers on the ground that patrols the streets, and uphold traffic laws, I'm talking about the higherups in the police force that takes care of higher grade stuff. i"m going for that position.

So I'm in this boot camp that i didn't sign up for, and my parents kept checking up on me, asking if I'm still motivated, as if i was motivated to go through with this in the first place, day by day i get more and more annoyed, I just want to lash out at them but i know that is not a good thing.

I know my parents are doing this for my own good, everybody i talk to keeps telling me this, did you think I'm an idiot? i know my parents mean well. how do i cope with this?

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  • I suggest whenever you get a chance, call them and ask nicely to just listen and not to interrupt. Explain things from your perspective and how it makes you feel and so on. I believe talking and explaining the problem can't make things worse, rather the other way around.

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  • This is so sad.
    When I left high school I did not want to go to college and I got my first job (which honestly was okay for a 19 years old). Then I applied for another job that same year and got it too but then my mother convinced me that since I already had that one job I shouldn't quit.
    I stayed in the company for 11 years and as the years went by I felt like this job was draining me - physically and emotionally. The one good thing I did while I was there was to study for get a bachelor's degree. I have quit in 2018 and that's the best decision I have taken.
    Sometimes parents do for us what they wished have been done for them and it's not always what we want.
    Currently I am not working and studying law, something that I like and that I have choosen!

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